WoW-Tools Dragonflight

About our Dragonflight Tools

Our first tool displays the current WoW Token prices. The data is updated every 15 minutes via the Blizzard API. The WoW Token is a virtual item that players can buy with real money and sell it within World of Warcraft via the auction house to get ingame gold.
Our second tool shows the best in slot items for Mythic Plus Dungeons. The data is updated daily via the Warcraftlogs API. We gather the data from each and every player that has logged at last a +17 dungeon and calculate afterwards the best in slot items for each class and spec.

WoW-Tools WotLK

About our Wrath of the Lich King Tools

Our first tool for WotLK calculates the Arena Points that you will get next reset depending on your current rating. You can also click on the Icons to get the total amount of points that you will need to acquire all of them. Right below the items is one more field that you can use to subtract your current points. At the very bottom of the site is a box that shows you how many weeks you will need to acquire your desired item(s).
Our second tool is straight forward and shows the current Arena Leaderboards for WotLK Classic. The data is updated every hour minutes via the Blizzard
Last but not least we have our Armory-Site. You can search for any player and see their Arena history. The data is updated every hour via the Blizzard API.