What is WoW Tools Mythic Plus Best in Slot?

Our new feature called Mythic Plus Best in Slot assists you in selecting the right equipment.
We search the entire leaderboard three times every day for the top players.
The finest weapons, armor, sets, gems, and enchantments for each class and spec are then obtained by running another Blizzard API scan.
We attempted to make it simple for you to see the ideal equipment for your character.
There are up to five items on each slot's list.
The best item for your character is the first one.
Second-best for your character is the second item.
And so on.
We created this choice in order to provide you options if you are unable to obtain the best item in addition to showing you the perfect item.
Likewise with gems and enchantments.
For Talents and Tier-Sets, we chose to show you the optimal pairings for your character.
Our Mythic Plus Best in Slotis is designed to offer you a quick and detailed insight of what to look for in your gear.
We sincerely hope you'll like and benefit from the tool.

What is Mythic Plus?

Regular dungeons have a high-level difficulty setting called Mythic Plus. The same creatures and bosses that you would encounter on Mythic or Heroic levels will be present, but there are a variety of new features that add to the challenge in various ways.
In a scaling difficulty setting like Mythic Plus, the items get better as the difficulty increases. Enemy health and damage increase indefinitely as dungeons scale from a starting point of +2.
You require a Mythic Keystone in order to access a Mythic Plus dungeon (which are earned from regular Mythic dungeons). This Keystone unlocks a single Mythic Plus dungeon at a specified level, and upon successful completion of that dungeon, it changes into a new Keystone of a higher level.
You may just join other groups (or create one to attempt to finish your own) and play using other people's keystones as only one person is required to start a Mythic Plus dungeon.
Mythic Plus dungeons include unique modifiers known as affixes that give foes additional skills at specific level thresholds.
These change every week. Some bring extra enemies to the dungeon, while others raise the health of the boss monsters. To survive, many of species need particular tactics.
Mythic Plus dungeons are timed, and in addition to the dungeon bosses, you also need to defeat a specific amount of common creatures to complete one.
You can obtain strong equipment that scales based on the dungeon's Mythic Plus level by completing the task before the timer expires. You may also open the Great Vault once a week for even better gear if you complete enough Mythic Plus dungeons.