Articles about WoW Tools

Our friends at Buffed have written two outstanding articles about our website.
The first article features ourArena Points Calculator you can read ithere.
The second article features ourretail site which has evolved over the years and now shows the most used gear in Mythic Plus.
The goal was and always is to help old and new players by making big data small and easy to access.
There are 6 rows that help you reduce the noise and give you only the data that you want to see:
1) Classes
2) Specializations
3) Affixes
4) Dungeons
5) Equipment, Gems, Enchantments & Talents
6) Languages supported byWowhead to display the items with tooltips in the language that you prefer
The data is kindly provided byWacraftlogs via their very powerful API.
You can read how our site was designed in Shadowlandshere on Buffed.